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Death Blood 4: Revenge of the Killer Nano-Robotic Blood Virus

Death Blood 4: Revenge of the Killer Nano-Robotic Blood Virus (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  95m  •    •  Directed by: Chris DePretis.  •  Starring: Tess DePretis, Shawn Amaro, Zach Beckman, Len LoFrisco, Ilya Leshinsky, Thali Zara, Wilcox Ekenta, Courtney Glickman, Chase Beck, Johanna Zukowski, Morgan Finley King, Lauren C. Lane, Jake Shupp.  •  Music by: Jake Russo.
A film that acts as a sequel to a series of fictitious B-movies. Once again, the Death Blood has invaded the quiet suburban town of Pleasanton, CA. With series hero Sara Shane away on another planet, it's up to her daughter Cindi to team up with local pizza man, Shawn, and space alien, JB, to save the town before evil police captain, Chief Beefe succeeds in spreading the Death blood's influence.


I feel like someone took some theater kids and told them to tone down their "stage" acting because the camera picks up every facial twitch and emotion.....then forgot to tell them not to completely drain their personality too. 🙄

On a positive note, the 1 star comes from the soundtrack. Great job! Song wasn't as great, but the instrumentals were fun.

Review by gabearntt from the Internet Movie Database.