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James vs. His Future Self

James vs. His Future Self (2019) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Jeremy LaLonde.  •  Starring: Jonas Chernick, Daniel Stern, Cleopatra Coleman, Frances Conroy, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Daina Barbeau, Morgan Bedard, Telysa Chandler, Erla Glesby, Tommie-Amber Pirie, Jennifer Tocheri, Jordan Walker.  •  Music by: Stephen Krecklo, Ian LeFeuvre.
    When an uptight time-travelling obsessed young scientist is visited by his nihilistic future self, he's told that he needs to give up his dream of becoming the world's first time traveler, or else. But when he won't go along with the plan, it becomes a wicked battle of man versus himself - literally.


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I got 30 seconds into the Trailer and knew that I had to watch this film. It really didn't disappoint. I'd put it up there with films like Super or American Splendor. There are certain films that you can enjoy but know that you could live without, this isn't one of those films.

I loved every character in this except for the younger James at certain moments because he is just so infuriating. He can be having the perfect moment and just ruin it in an instant.

The film is about love and friendship, it is a truly romantic film along the lines of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. It's a person torn between his life's work and the love of his life. It's got laugh out loud moments but I wouldn't call it a Comedy. It's just a great film.

I took a star off a perfect score because there was a slight moment in the film towards the end that I didn't think was necessary. It doesn't take away from the film but it felt a little forced. I loved this film though and I can see me watching it many times in the future.

Review by introclusor from the Internet Movie Database.