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Chair to Everywhere, The

Chair to Everywhere, The (2019) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  83m  •    •  Directed by: Mol Smith.  •  Starring: Sean Botha, Polly Tregear, Eloise O'Brian, Samantha Fields, Jennifer Leahey, Sara Parker, Carmen Silva, Kemal Yildirim..
A father and daughter invent a teleportation device designed to ultimately replace all other forms of transport on Earth. During one of the tests, the daughter disappears and fails to arrive at the receiving device. The father desperately tries to recover her with devastating consequences. A shocking mind-boggling twist in the tale of a story with many layers to excite, horrify, and explore the power of human love.


While, there is a lot to like in this no-budget film, the movie is 100% NSFW. It is loaded with nudity and creepy family-related innuendos. I'm really regretting sitting through it as I'm not a fan of nudity in films, so in this film I'm covering ½ the screen for 70% of the film. If the nude girl on the cover isn't a giveaway, then maybe, like me, you didn't realise she was nude, she is.

The story revolves around a father and daughter duo who seek to create a quantum transport system due to their mother's death in a vehicle accident. While this movie seeks to explore how far you would go to save your family, and prevent unnecessary deaths for other people's families, it is marred by excessive nudity, inappropriate family relationships, and bizarre fetishism.

I enjoyed the storyline, and the acting, for the most part, was actually not bad, I've seen far worse in bigger budget films, let alone micro-budget films. Things definitely go in a lot of directions that one may not expect, story-wise. The way the story is executed is also very different, this is not the kind of film you would ever get from Hollywood, or even mainstream UK cinema, this is a very strange and unique take on some common sci-fi themes. While you could argue that it is bizarre that everyone speaks English in this(I wont say why), it all makes total sense in the end.

I think it goes without saying that the film quality is not great. The sound is surprisingly well-done. I was also surprised by some decently, for the no-budget, rendered CGI. The CGI was a bit jarring, it looks like it came from the mid-late 1990's, but again, they couldn't have had much, if any money to even make these effects, I give them points for doing a decent job.

Again, I am not exaggerating when I say there is probably female nudity 70% of this film, no it isn't sexually in nature, it is there. While there is a "reason" for it, I believe it was wholly unnecessary. Also, the creepy relationship the daughter has with her father, is a major turnoff. It is a good thing she is not in the bulk of the film. Despite being very intrigued by the storyline, I just cannot recommend this one, even though, from a no-budget movie making standpoint, and it's ambitious nature, I have to rate it 4 stars, I just cannot recommend it.

Review by lyrafowlpotter from the Internet Movie Database.