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Dernière vie de Simon, La

Dernière vie de Simon, La (2019) Movie Poster
France / Belgium  •    •  103m  •    •  Directed by: Léo Karmann.  •  Starring: Benjamin Voisin, Martin Karmann, Camille Claris, Nicolas Wanczycki, Julie-Anne Roth, Albert Geffrier, Simon Susset, Vicki Andren, Florence Muller, Pierre Cachia, Christophe Reymond, Sébastien Magere, Cathy Bodet.  •  Music by: Erwann Chandon.
    Eight year old Simon dreams of one thing, to find a family. But Simon has a secret power: he is able to take on the appearance of every person he has ever touched ... Who would you be if you could transform yourself?


Lovely! Wasn't expecting that! Love it! Beautiful story, beautiful music, great actors! A very different story from usual.

Review by HappyChildOfGod from the Internet Movie Database.