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Eggnoid (2019) Movie Poster
Indonesia  •    •  102m  •    •  Directed by: Naya Anindita.  •  Starring: Morgan Oey, Sheila Dara Aisha, Kevin Julio, Luna Maya..
Eggnoid is a human who comes out from Eggnoid eggs. He's been assigned to look after and be a friend when a human feels lonely.


The movie is cute! It is! But it is NOTHING like the Eggnoid comic. I tried so badly to enjoy it as a nice little romance film. I intended to give a much higher rating. But then they started name dropping. Olfie, Atan. Have those amazing characters been reduced to a simple passing reference? They don't even have a scene?! Im not even going to bother mentioning all the other pivotal characters we missed out on in this film.

This could have been a nice movie without the eggnoid references. The actors are good and they are fun to watch. No problem with all the hardworking people involved in this movie but... Archie the red cat, you deserve a better adaptation to your wonderful series than what these people gave you.

Review by crimsonvael from the Internet Movie Database.