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Coming, The

Coming, The (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  92m  •    •  Directed by: Joy Jones.  •  Starring: Paul D. Morgan, Enrique Guzman, Harold Dennis, John McDonnell, Steve Pavlik, Michael Gideon Sherry, Luke Balek, Dennis Hindman, Randall Cropp, Matt Thomas Moore, Zanah Thirus, Justine M. Constantino, Tanika Price.  •  Music by: Jasmine Diaz.
Two young best friends who are forced to stick together as things around them change for the worst. As things begin to fall apart, they realize the events in the book of Revelation are being unveiled right before their very eyes. They soon discover that the book is actually their reality and a guide for what will soon take place.


Not since the Rock creatures in "Noah" have I laughed so hard at a poor interpretation of the Bible. The film opens with a reading of Revelation and the warning to the seven churches of Asia (mostly modern Turkey) and they never relate any of that to modern times but they switch to modern times and apply selected passages out of Revelation to create a gosh-awful story. Would the anti-Christ really use 666 as a mark knowing all the bad press it has gotten? It is also nice to know that even with cities ablaze, a plague that wipes out a 13 of the population, atomic bombs going off, earthquakes, and the stars falling from the sky, we will still be able to operate the electric grid. Never mind the fact I lose power if they predict a rainstorm. Don't look for any rapture or any white throne as the didn't have enough money left over to create a CG heaven. bad acting. Horrible script. And what is Babylon? It was a metaphor for Rome. Is it New York now? Not explained either.

Another film made by atheists to make fun of Christians.

Review by nogodnomasters from the Internet Movie Database.