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Luna Squad, The

Luna Squad, The (2020) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  120m  •    •  Directed by: Leon Mitchell...
A group of young kids find a mysterious map inside a comic book, sneaking out of their bedrooms windows they go on a hunt to find a UFO crash site having an adventure of a lifetime.


It was refreshing to watch an unknown children's show with my son that I heard about from 'Shout' magazine and from the beginning the quality of the show was brilliant on the big screen it was not grainy, it is clear and light which reflects the refreshing characters. Mysterious. I love the diversity of the Luna Squad including the regional accents, very British.

Can't wait to see how the creepy dude fits in or in fact what exactly is the map that has sparked so much interest. Looking forward to watching further episodes but my son doesn't read too well so I would really like the texted messages read out to not miss the message or for it to stay on the screen longer when he watches without me.

The music sung at the end was nice and catchy but the music stuff in the episode was a little boring and didn't help the pace of the episode along but that said it was over too quickly, left wanting more.

The actors seemed to be settling into their quirky characters which was a little slow for me but for my son perfect, he loved Cub best. I liked all the characters so far and am looking forward to watching further shows to see where this show is going. It makes a nice change to watch a show that doesn't have a character in it that grates on me for not belonging in that show.

Review by zebra-45452 from the Internet Movie Database.