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Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor

Sil and the Devil Seeds of Arodor (2019) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  97m  •    •  Directed by: Keith Barnfather.  •  Starring: Sophie Aldred, Jim Conway, Mark Flitton, Janet Henfrey, Jacqueline King, Sakuntala Ramanee, Jay Ramanee-Murphy, John Michael Rooke, Christopher Ryan, Nabil Shaban..
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Reeltime Pictures releases another quality Dr Who spinoff, they helped out during the hiatus in Dr Who, and I'm delighted to see them still working hard to give us great entertainment. Nabil Shaban turns back the clock, returning as Sil in seamless fashion from when we last saw him in Mindwarp thirty three years ago! It is quite astonishing how he's managed to bring back the Marsh minnow addicted money lover so easily, what a talented man.

I loved the production, it looked and sounded great, Nabil was very well supported by a familiar cast, lovely to see the likes of Sophie Alfred and Janet Henfrey. The storyline was great fun.

If I were pitching this to a Dr Who fan, I would offer this recommendation, Dr Who in the 1980's was many things, bright, energetic, action packed, Sil and the Devil seeds of Arodor feels like a golden nugget from that era, the presence of Sil and style of story feels very much from the classic series of the show. I am someone that loves a bit of nostalgia, and I got it, that doesn't mean it's strictly for Dr Who fans only. I would heartily recommend it.

Those involved, I thank you, it was a pleasure to watch.

Review by Sleepin_Dragon from the Internet Movie Database.