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Dark Light

Dark Light (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  90m  •    •  Directed by: Padraig Reynolds.  •  Starring: Jessica Madsen, Ben Sullivan, Opal Littleton, Weston Meredith, Ed Brody, Kristina Clifford, Gerald Tyler.  •  Music by: Holly Amber Church.
A woman returns to her family home and discovers it to be inhabited by monsters.


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First of all the film carries a resemblance to the 2002 M Night Shyamalan's Movie " Signs" but manages to be the usual run of mill creature thriller flick with pretty good jump scares.....

So to start it has our main character who is being interrogated by the police on suspicion of making her daughter disappear. A series of flashbacks shows mother and child experiencing weird stuff when her daughter apparently seems to be stalked by something evil because she saw strange UFO lights in their backyard. Next we have a police officer being called over multiple times and the usual routine and when she arrives, mum tells a story about weird things happening that indicate haunting apparitions.

There's also a lot of shifting camera shots of light that are done well. Now there are some good elements of this movie and although it can work out as a decent horror creature flick, it could have been better if something about dealing with human issues of relationship is included as the backdrop. But instead we get a scene where our protagonist's kid disappears and mum gets blamed for it. The usual premise and next this entire horror apparition aspect of the film switches track when we get our alien jumping out from the ground and to a corn field.I feel this part of the film should have been done better as the creature looks neither menancing nor visceral.

The plot is suspenseful and interesting to say at very least..Well to say, the plot isn't really a plot, because it is "all over the place" and "makes no sense", "it's just a waste of your time" -! In the end everything is explained, and most of your questions are answered.

Overall i would say watchable for the constant flow in the screenplay. The major flaws are some quirks in acting performances where the character lack some vibrancy or just being too flat. One may like it for some edge of the seat flow in the screenplay and this this film not just another usual B movie flick...Don't be too critical when watching it, and u will enjoy the film.....

Review by stylegamer from the Internet Movie Database.