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As the Earth Turns

As the Earth Turns (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  46m  •    •  Directed by: Richard Lyford.  •  Starring: Roger Bassett, Barbara Berger, Vinton Birch, Alfred Clake, Patricia Cowan, Burton Dinius, Robert Dishman, Edwin C. Frost, Alan Hoelting, Charles Hoffman, Leslie Houde, James Leipper, Charles Albert Lyford Jr..  •  Music by: Ed Hartman.
    An apocalyptic future war that could destroy the planet is explored in this silent film, shot in 1938.


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I know there is a trend (especially on Amazon) to create new 'old B-movies', but I do believe that the footage here is genuinely from 1937, and not some sort of recently-shot hoax thing trying to make us believe it is an old movie. (Credits list the soundtrack as having been redone as part of the release however.) Richard Lyford is not the best-known director but he has a large enough body of work that I cannot buy that he is made up, nor can I buy that this movie was created recently and falsely attributed to him, it's just too big a leap.

Anyway, I thought this was great. Another review asked, is this an amatuerish pro film, or an amateur film that looks pro? I think its kind of the latter, sounds like Lyford did a lot of side projects on his way up as director and this was one of them. I enjoyed the dedication to the story-telling, lots of time spent creating models for the effects, and trying to approximate different locations like the white house or a secret island fortress etc. It has heart, and I also appreciated some of the camera work, which took some risks to varying degrees of success, but held my attention.

Review by madned from the Internet Movie Database.