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Exigency, The

Exigency, The (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  112m  •    •  Directed by: Cody Vibbart.  •  Starring: Tom Haney, Alexis Danner, Warren Halderman, Kayla Vibbart, Dillon Vibbart, Keith Todd, Matthew Kendrick, Alix Spurlock, Joel Danner, Joshua Guthrie, Lucas Danner, Si Hawk, Andrew Racho.  •  Music by: Charles Carpenter.
    With a clueless King and failing military, the planet of Gallesha is on the brink of domination by a tyrant, Diederick, of the planet Anumbis. Gallesha's last hope for survival is to retrieve their retired legendary war hero.


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The Exigency is honestly probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Whilst the graphics are less than stellar on their own, the cinematography, writing, pacing, etc. range from above average to excellent. I was never bored during this movie, despite it being two hours long. Cody Vibbart has a talent for this and his passion, as well as that of everyone else working on this project, is clearly shown. If given a bigger budget, a team of animators working on a more modern animation software and a little polish it would easily hold mass-market appeal.

The comedy is funny, the cinematography is creative and adds to the scenes tremendously and the writing is unique. This movie comes highly recommended if you have amazon prime. Only reason I've rated this 810 is the admittedly pretty trash graphics (through no fault of anyone working on the project, its done well with what they have) and a few minor awkward scenes, but otherwise its a damn good movie.

Review by animatingtrashglasses from the Internet Movie Database.