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Felts Field

Felts Field (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  81m  •    •  Directed by: Jorden Pasols.  •  Starring: Jorden Pasols, Tiffany Nelson, P. Noah Riley, Connor Blyster, Madyson Pasols..
    A found footage Horror sci-fi film which tells the chilling story of a teenage boy and his obsession with UFOLOGY. When he and his younger brother encounter strange lights in the sky, the real terror takes place when he and his family and friends become targeted by possible supernatural beings.


This is a really Good Found Footage Film it has about everything a Horror Fan would Want UFOS extra creepy jump scares Dark environment and POV Cameras make this a Plus! and it will make your Biggest fears come True just Watch this Amazing Film by a really Amazing Film Director Jorden Pasols! It is Set in Beautiful Spokane Valley with Amazing Views Of the Area the Plot Summary is about Teens who go missing in the Felts Field Area it's an airport near Spokane just give this Amazing Awesome Film a Watch And you will Like it.

Review by abreualex from the Internet Movie Database.