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Unmatta (2019) Movie Poster
India  •    •  106m  •    •  Directed by: Mahesh Rajmane.  •  Starring: Vikas Bangar, Aarushi Vedikha, Purneima Dey, Prasad Shikhare, Sandeep Dhabale, Sanjay More.  •  Music by: Yugandhar Deshmukh.
Aditi is a student of literature, suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after being raped as a child and suffers from frequent sleep paralysis. Siddhartha is an inquisitive science student, who is experimenting on Telepathy using mind-altering drugs. He persuades his 3 friends Nuha, Chaitanya and Vijay to support him in his bizarre initiative. After initial success in his experiment with Nuha, all 4 of them decide to experiment together at a farmhouse. Aditi joins them as a sitter (like a designated driver). However, the collegians' exciting weekend adventure soon turns into a string of nightmarish events, when they are confronted with deep questions regarding their own desires and true nature of consciousness.


Unmatta is world class science fiction. Finally someone has put Indian movies on a world sci-fi stage. There are so many concepts and philosophical ideas used in movie that your mind will start spinning. At the same time it grabs your attention from first scene and you cannot even take your eye off to eat your popcorn till the end. It is basically based on premise that Telepathy exists in this world and then it dwells in psychological issues (sleep paralysis, Post Traumatic Amnesia, Parasomania suicide etc.) in telepathic world. Has fresh perspective on our own consciousness and collective consciousness (which of-course will be present in telepathic world!). Story and dialogues are excellent. Acting is good and considering all actors are new, they have really pulled it well. Fight choreography is really done well. It feels very real. Background score is done well. And song is really psychedelic! It is fun ride and a must watch.

Review by bookwormmalhotra from the Internet Movie Database.