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Alienated (2020) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Darryl Anka.  •  Starring: Michael Aaron Carico, Gracie Lacey, Paul Hayes, Daniel Wilkinson, David Yorr, Nomsa L. Mlambo, Karen Rich, Rachel Strutt, Merrick Hanna, Anna Arden, Elaine Partnow, Joe Finfera, Andrea Lea Martzipan..
    David Bennett, a struggling OCD scientist(Michael Aaron Carico with father issues has a life-altering encounter with a UFO and winds up falling for Jordan Waters a quirky and mysterious female artist who, unbeknownst to him, turns out to be an alien who's being hunted by Ray Watts, a determined conspiracy theorist.


I lasted 15 minutes before I had to hit fast forward. Then went through it again and still it made no sense. I will not say it is the worst acting I have seen but it seemed very wooden. A case of "I know my lines and I will say them." But most of the time the acting barely fit what was going on.

Review by photoman33770 from the Internet Movie Database.