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0010: The Sharks Make Contact - Part 2

0010: The Sharks Make Contact - Part 2 (2019) Movie Poster
Sweden  •    •  115m  •    •  Directed by: Iki Ènèng.  •  Starring: Iki Ènèng, Ela Chopra, María Lopéz, Gabriella Lund, Siiri Mäkinen, Leilani Nicolosi, Noora Lehtonen, Jaakko Kurkisuo, Matthew Baker, Juho Koskinen, Austin Perry, James Smith, Ryan Lee.  •  Music by: Iki Ènèng.
In the aftermath of 0009: The Sharks Make Contact, the surviving sharks have to deal with a destroyed moon, and try to stop Shoogledocking.


0000: A Shark Odyssey and 0009: The Sharks Make Contact were AWFUL. They were torturous. So I really wanted to hate this movie, and I thought it was going to be absolute trash. It wasn't though.

Unlike its predecessors, this film is not a musical. THANK GOD! We don't have to sit through tons of horrendous dog whistle-like musical numbers! Well, there is ONE song in the movie that is neither totally original nor totally cover. It's awful. But at least it's just one song.

There are still some scenes in this movie that reeeeally drag, but there are way fewer of them than previously, and the characters finally talk in an acceptable pace. There are unnecessary subplots, but this is Eneng's first film that has an interesting story to follow. Yes, this movie actually has something worthy of being called a plot. Unfortunately the "villain" is hardly in the movie, he's in like two scenes. At times the movie is even a little funny. The animation, although still a joke, has also gotten much better, and it's so much more full of color.

Don't get me wrong, this is by no means a good movie. Not even close. It's just surprisingly good compared to the rock bottom awfulness I've come to expect from 0000 and 0009.

Review by plsshootmeinthehead from the Internet Movie Database.