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Kuronosu Jôntâ no Densetsu

Kuronosu Jôntâ no Densetsu (2019) Movie Poster
Japan  •    •  87m  •  Directed by: Kentarô Hachisuka.  •  Starring: Kenta Akayama, Kent Igarashi, Hiroe Igeta, Hidetoshi Iwato, Usô Ozaki, Hiro Shimono, Maki Teraura.  •  Music by: Yû Namikoshi.
A researcher falls in love with a flower shop worker named Kumiko Fuki. Shortly after Kazuhiko asks her out, Kumiko dies in a tragic traffic accident, prompting Kazuhiko to time-travel to the past repeatedly using a machine called the "Chronos Jaunter" in an effort to save her life.


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