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Attack of the Unknown

Attack of the Unknown (2019) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  103m  •    •  Directed by: Brandon Slagle.  •  Starring: Richard Grieco, Robert Donavan, Christian Dalton, Sherrie Prose, Justin P. Warren, Paul Gunn, Danny Tesla..
No synopsis is available for this movie.


2020 has been the strangest year for finding new movies to entertain. This movie was referred to our Monday Night Mecca and Monsters Club. We rented it on Youtube since we had a 3 movie gift code.

The reason for 2 stars.

The movie starts with a LAPD Swat unit moving in to arrested a criminal (Robert LaSardo). The Swat Team arrives at a downtown Los Angeles warehouse to enter, where a unbelievable sex scene with nudity is. As they surround the building the girl having sex screams "POLICIA" "POLICIA" over and over, louder and louder and the SWAT team is outside the window doesn't hear it. The Swat and Gangsters engage into a gun battle. The Swat Team is not dressed correctly making it feel not real. The guns have no shells dropping, no bullet damage anywhere. 10 heavy machine guns are firing at a window with no glass shattering. Lacking very much in the whole movie. One of our viewers also pointed out nobody yells "POLICIA" in latin countries. They use other names for the police, but lets not get to techincal. The criminal meeting taking place is also horrible. It seems nobdy did research. The scene could of been more effective for the build up. Just sloppy lines to a big shoot out. The camera work is sloppy also. (Richard Grieco) is the leader of the swat team.

After the gangster is arrested they decide to transport him to a jail and then the invasion begins. The story just drags in parts with to many actors trying to get a actor reel than being used proper to build heavy suspense and make it more scary. The gangster holds a secret about the Aliens which doesn't pan out to be anything interesting enough to make it more suspensful. It's just bad.

The script seems to be a huge mess. The movie had the resources, where did it go wrong? Most people will say "it's a indie film" The truth is that's not a excuse. The story has moments where it seems it would be awesome to falling flat fast. Not sure if this was made to have a serious effect or to be a comedy at this point. You have actors trying to perform good and just bad dialouge and lazy line drops. So it's confusing to either feel for them or just laugh at them.

The film gets closed in after halfway. Seems one location with 3 rooms and a hallway was recycled. So we don't get much more than that until we arrive inside the spaceship.

There is moments your thinking is the movie focused on overacting lines like the roof scene. It would of been better if you made a ninja vs alien movie.

The camera work is bad. It has no composition, lacks decent lighting, no style. Not thinking about how to make effective moments and visual style for what could of been. The swat member that is dragged away by the Aliens is bad, there is no moment we see a alien tenticle pulling him and the other team just plays it off like ok hes dead. Once again no real effect to make it good.

The actors are just not connecting to viewership. They dont fit the roles they play. The Swat Team is like the underdog squad that failed at a police academy. The jailhouse has a Walter White stunt double and even sounds like him. Jail guards not dressed good. Then we have a video blogger that brings some comedy in but just falls flat again, maybe to entertain tik tok users. The film promotes Tara Ried on top billing, but she is not in the film more than a minute, I feel she is safe cause she doesn't do much but a background story.

The direction doesn't seem professional. Even bad sci fi and monster movies from the 60's up have at least good direction and visual story telling. I feel it is all over the place not targeting point. The resources once again are there, how do you fail to keep your audience? I think it's just the lack of bulding the story better. If this was meant to be a comedy then connect it right. The movie has a want to be Independence Day to Denzel Wahington in Training Day to Comedy Central. It isn't working. That is mostly to poor script research, proper film making, how to use actors for their strengths. Directing is not there, the producers should of done research. I don't know the moive has over 100 producers. What did they produce? cause with a army of producers this should of been something Hollywood becomes scared of. They are mostly laughing saying "YEAHHHHHHHHHHH"

The Aliens weren't bad looking. Wish they'd been used better to make it more scary, intense to believe this could happen any day, maybe? I just feel the lack of the writiing and directing drained this movie for ever having a effect of living on as good to great Sci Fi. I'm sure the movie is confused itself of what it is trying to be. ACTION OR SCI FI!!!!! it could of worked mixing the two, just not this time. Script!!!! Direction!!!!

The visual effects are strong and weak. The only effect that was cool was the ceiling being sucked out showing the spaceship, but just getting to that point is painful cause there is no build ups to why the Aliens would target just two people, the last two swat members in a city of MILLIONS. It doesn't work it out story wise well. Simple things mean so much.

The movie ends with cancer blood being the weapon to kill the Aliens, flying off in a helicopter like Terminator Salvation. To be precise Richard Griecos cancer blood. I did see a lot of copycat or just references in the movie of other good sci fi movies. So I guess that's the way of saying you honor better films than your own.

As a group we watched the movie which seems 15 minutes to long. The group didn't have much to say, more about the errors or long over drawn dialouges that drag it into bordom. I felt this could of been really fun and good if adjustments were better, if the director had film making experience, the producers would of done research. The camera doesn't help either. It's just a mess of good and bad everywhere.

Review by mechavsmonsters from the Internet Movie Database.