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Mars 1001

Mars 1001 (2018) Movie Poster
Netherlands  •    •  53m  •    •  Directed by: Robin Sip...
Space reporter Miles O'Brien guides you through the first human mission to Mars -' a daring 1000-day mission to fly an international crew to the red planet and return them safely to Earth. Many challenges will have to be met in order for the crew to succeed and unlock the secrets of the new World!


Saw this short movie at the planetarium in Genk, Belgium, together with a group of school children ages 8 & 9 years old. Really enjoyed it. Follows the story of how a manned mission to Mars could be in the future. Stunning visuals and beautiful background music. Seemingly scientifically very accurate also. Kept the kids entertained. A bit slow in parts but kids were still pretty focused throughout. If you want to visit Mars one day, go see this!

Review by emmorango from the Internet Movie Database.