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Go/Don't Go

Go/Don't Go (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  91m  •    •  Directed by: Alex Knapp..  •  Music by: Josh Rawson.
Adam, the lone man living at the end of human existence, the last person alive. His daily routines keep him sane - wake up, brush teeth, forage for supplies, take out the trash, go shopping, check what needs to be checked, cross off what needs to be crossed off - but over the course of a harrowing few days, things begin to unravel for him as he is confronted with an unexpected terrifying possibility. Maybe Adam is descending into madness, or maybe he's not actually alone...


The rating of 6.5 is unsuitable. ever heard of "nuance"? i get it, you're a survivor of something and you collect things. myself, like the main character is wasting time. i really wish i could have watched a movie worthy of 6.5 stars instead of this garbage. the story of a guy looting an abandoned town is not interesting or noteworthy. if the first hour was a shorter part of a better movie then i'd agree with the given rating. nuance is clearly missing from the filmmaker's vocabulary.

edit: 4 pins left in a frame does not a champion make, and drinking with a concussion is never a good idea.

Review by iwantyoubackforgood from the Internet Movie Database.