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Sound of Settling, The

Sound of Settling, The (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  85m  •    •  Directed by: Bryan Ricke, Melissa Vitello.  •  Starring: Sierra Heuermann, Marissa Pistone, Stacy Snyder, Ty Trumbo, Chris Sparks, Nicholas Bustamante, Elizabeth Alan, Shawn Hawkins, Mikki Hernandez, Dan Pena, Alexa Etchart, Molly Evensen, Jay Phoenix..
Abby is torn between the predictions of a futuristic, fortune telling App that is predicting the end of her long term relationship, and the true feelings she must confront.


There isn't really any redeeming aspect of this film. The acting is all wooden. The characters are not likable, nor so flagrantly bad to be entertainingly hate-able. A few tweaks could have made it at least interesting but instead it is just boring people being in a relationship that isn't working with bad friends and a dating app to remind you that you are not an optimal person and have other options. There is also no humor in it despite that scenes were clearly written to be humorous and it doesn't come off at all. It is worse quality than a made for TV movie on Lifetime or Hallmark.

Review by gallupk from the Internet Movie Database.