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How To Get From Here To There

How To Get From Here To There (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Kevin James Thornton.  •  Starring: Lydia C. Bushfield, Daniel Mark Collins, Kevin James Thornton..
Upon the death of his mother, a gay man in blue collar America returns to his childhood home. There he discovers a cardboard time machine that he made when he was a boy. As he uses it to get glimpses of his future, he ponders the weight of his life's choices.


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How do you get from here to there? Start with a video camera and some cardboard boxes lined with aluminum foil and find another actor to hang out with you in a motel room so he can clean up when you get drunk and piss on the floor. You might need a third person to run the camera. Also a car to drive. Then you need some production money to pay for the motel room, the camera, gas for the car, and maybe some costumes from Goodwill. And you need a way to edit your film. Maybe you know a person with editing software. Oh yeah, you get to play multiple roles including a scary monster. Plus don't forget the beer budget so you can get pissy drunk and piss on the floor of the motel room. All of this is supposed to have some deep existential meaning. After you've scattered your mother's ashes in the river. That would be a prop, so hopefully she has already died so you can get rid of her ashes this way. I have no idea what the deep existential meaning is.

Review by synergistic from the Internet Movie Database.