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Stargate Origins: Catherine

Stargate Origins: Catherine (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  104m  •    •  Directed by: Mercedes Bryce Morgan.  •  Starring: Ellie Gall, Connor Trinneer, Aylam Orian, Philip Alexander, Shvan Aladdin, Sarah Navratil, Salome Azizi, Lincoln Hoppe, Daniel Rashid, Justin Michael Terry, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Derek Chariton..
In 1939, Professor Paul Langford and his daughter Catherine are still grappling with the mysteries of the ancient relic they discovered in the Egyptian desert more than ten years ago. With war looming in Europe and funding running out, these brilliant minds are approaching their lowest ebb. Little do they know, answers are about to present themselves in a dangerous form, when the Nazi Occultist Dr. Wilhelm Brücke approaches their facility with a sinister motive. Enlisting the help of two young soldiers, Catherine must use all of her wit and nous as she and her new allies embark on an adventure into the unknown to rescue her father, and save the Earth from an unimaginable darkness.


Image from: Stargate Origins: Catherine (2018)
Image from: Stargate Origins: Catherine (2018)
I was so excited to see a new iteration in the Stargate franchise (and hoped it would take the bad taste left in my mouth from Universe) that I didn't bother to check for reviews before buying it on sale on Vudu. Having purchased it, I can't believe the Stargate franchise would allow such drivel to be associated with the name!

1. Seriously? Rewriting the whole story line about Earnest being the first one through the Stargate? Having Catherine go through the gate along with Nazi's? Did they watch Indiana Jones the night before starting writing and thought it was a good idea to throw them in? 2. Couldn't you find actors who can actually act? And what on earth was Connor Trineer thinking? He is a great actor but in the first hour, he is on screen very little. I turned it off at that point. 3. Couldn't you find writers who actually know something about the series? A reboot is one thing but this is just nonsense! 4. Couldn't you find set designers that could do more than put up curtains and a few set pieces?

Instead of making me happy to have more Stargate to watch, less than 10 minutes in I was beyond annoyed that I was even watching it. It started out promising, with the actual clip showing Catherine as a child at the excavation site. I had hopes that the rest would have the same production value. That promptly went away as the show dissolved into a petty soap opera.

I love the original film. I love the Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis series. I love the 2 movies that spun off from SG-1. As I mentioned, I disliked Universe mostly because it seemed like everything good about the previous series was lacking and I couldn't get invested in 99% of the characters - just didn't care if they ran out of air! NOT a good sign. Well, I kept pushing through Universe, hoping it would get better. I couldn't even force myself to do that with this.

Anyone know how to delete a purchased movie on Vudu?

Review by scubafiend from the Internet Movie Database.