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Melody on Earth

Melody on Earth (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  86m  •    •  Directed by: Joshua Courtade.  •  Starring: Kristin Mellian, Robert William Ford, Beverly Courtade, Kara Joy Reed, Aaron Pushkar, Byron Clute, Jacquie Floyd, Jennifer Jelsema, Dana Blackstone, David Brown, Anne K. Miranda, Nicolaus Enzweiler, Remaeris Brown..
Upon returning to earth, a withdrawn woman named Melody hires an oddball private eye to track down the man who helped her escape from an alien zoo on Neptune. Or maybe it was Pluto.


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Image from: Melody on Earth (2018)
Image from: Melody on Earth (2018)
Image from: Melody on Earth (2018)
I walked away from Melody on Earth, wondering what in the solar system I had just witnessed. It's pretty... "unique" and I must confess, I've never seen anything, anywhere even remotely close to, like it. It left me thinking, hey, I should make a movie. I mean, if Crazy Ants Media can make that...

I won't give any spoilers but I can say that the lead female is a pure joy to watch. I've never seen her in anything else but when she was on the screen, I had a strange smile on my face and didn't even realize it. The lead male is unforgettable. The way this guy smokes, does his sit ups, chases a bad guy, yeahs, there should be an award for him somewhere but, I'm not sure what category it would belong to. The other characters are just as hilarious while being extremely difficult to watch.

Please don't misunderstand. This is a great movie, you can feel the film maker's passion just ooze from every scene. The universe needs more small movie makers like these guys. But it is not what you, or I, or anyone really, is used to. If you go into it expecting plot or special effects, you're going to be disappointed. If you watch it with a special someone, and leave your judgement at the door, you will find something very special, almost, magical.

Review by Brian Bishop from the Internet Movie Database.