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Origins V: Times Arrow

Origins V: Times Arrow (2018) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  122m  •  Directed by: Kyle Parish.  •  Starring: Andrew Bacon, Ali Dixon, Tyler Gordanier, Stephanie Grant, Domonique Landry, Joseph Laxton, Tessa Morris, Megan Nolan, Kyle Parish, Daniel Popma, Joseph Popma, Matthew Schliesmann, Mickey Welde..
Following the events of Origins IV: Revelations, the Dark Lord Jack moves to find a new apprentice while he dominates the peaceful world of Tython. Once he has his newest member to his evil team, Jack will begin a quest for a powerful artifact, the Crucible, which has the power to finally give Jack the life he always wanted. The Life he was owed. In a disparate attempt to stop him, the Jedi Ross, Julie and Bill will race against time to find the crucible first. But this journey will force them to face a truth that has been hiding in front of them this whole time. A truth that could destroy them all and hand the final victory to Jack, in the climatic final in the Origins series.


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