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Commanding Cue

Commanding Cue (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  86m  •    •  Directed by: Dominic Andreozzi.  •  Starring: Vered Blonstein, Chanelle Burson, Austin Andreozzi.  •  Music by: Dominic Andreozzi, Lil B, Chanelle Burson.
Cue's a murderer who doesn't want to be. It's not his fault though, something is commanding him to be the way he is.


Art house, avant garde, Lynchian, whatever you want to call it, I think it should be seen. It shows what a couple of artists with no budget can do when they pick up a camera and have something really interesting to say. A slow burn film. Each frame is interesting, intriguing, and sometimes disturbing. There's moments in this film that are staggering. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and will be watching it again.

Review by roberteburson from the Internet Movie Database.