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Soulless (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  150m  •    •  Directed by: Tony Severe, Jai Raja.  •  Starring: Kelly Nicole, Ben Edwards, Ruben Angelo, John H. Euber, Gale Payne, Richard Anderson, Greg Lutz, Nadine Jackson, Julie Van Lith, Robyne Richards, Raymond Scott, Keith J. Obit, Danny Zavala.  •  Music by: Tony Severe.
After a young woman is killed in a car accident, her body goes missing en route to the hospital. Days later she is discovered behind a local hotel, alive. Meanwhile, word of her reanimation gets back to the DOD, where decades earlier, a failed covert research project on tissue regeneration was conducted on the woman's mother. The DOD launches a relentless effort to capture her as she quickly learns that trying to return to the land of the living threatens to destroy the people she loves most.


Everything you can get wrong in making a film this movie hits all of the buttons.

The acting is generally terrible, the sound is ridiculously bad and sounds like a lot of it has been dubbed later. The visual effects are straight from the worst 80s movies.

If this was a first time movie on for a film student you could forgive some of the issues but for someone who has made several movies it's unforgivable.

Think of The Room with everything that made The Room great taken out.

Review by future_release from the Internet Movie Database.