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Matt Preston in Cyborg Invasion

Matt Preston in Cyborg Invasion (2019) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  62m  •    •  Directed by: Mark Morris.  •  Starring: Mark Morris, Ivan Moy, Paul Coster, David Thomas Coulter, Tristan Pretty, Tatiana Ibba, Gemma Wilks, Kristina Popova, Zain Qureshi, Oriana Charles, Adam Lezemore, Owen Lezemore, Aftab Sarker.  •  Music by: Scott Bramley.
    Cyborgs from our future try to change the past. Matt Preston investigates.


From start to finish this film was a disaster. I don't even know where to start. The storyline and premise was not original. It was across between Terminator, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and any action adventure film you can think of. In some scenes you can see the cameraman's shadow and oh my lord the sped up fight scenes were absolutely atrocious. This should actually be a comedy as I was laughing at how bad it was. There was one scene where this agent who seemingly looks like she is jumping on the roof, only to jump on the cyborg. Does it make sense? Absolutely not. There were also problems with the authenticity of the accents, out of sync with the picture and sound and the questionable ability of the casting and acting level of the film. Apparently the budget was 500 bags and I genuinely thought it was a 100 pound budget judging how appalling this film is. I am astounded how the actors were not even paid a penny, just expenses. AND ITS ON AMAZON PRIME Give me strength my lord. If I had it my way the person who made this film should be banned from making films ever again. I imagine his reputation of the guy is sunk lower than the underworld of Hades.

Review by alfielatterz from the Internet Movie Database.