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4 Histoires Fantastiques

4 Histoires Fantastiques (2018) Movie Poster
France  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Steeve Calvo, William Laboury, Mael Le Mée, Just Philippot.  •  Starring: Nathan Bensoussan, Didier Bourguignon, Sophie Breyer, Fiorella Campanella, Anne Canovas, Antonin Chaussoy, Antonin Congiu, Sofian Khammes, Lorenzo Lefèbvre, Manon Valentin, Constantin Vidal, Maud Wyler, Malivaï Yakou.  •  Music by: Amaury Chabauty, Maxence Dussère, The Penelopes.
    A transhumance of zombies in an apocalyptic world, a mutant teenager able to reshape her body, an acid cloud that devastates everything in its path, an electrosensitive girl who travels out of her body... four fantastical stories.


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