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Disruption (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  62m  •    •  Directed by: Roshaun Akeem Page.  •  Starring: Carl Daniel III, Starleesha Turnbull, William C. Fox, Torrell Windom Jr., Willie 'Mac' McDaniel, Tony Stef'Ano, Loreal Jernigan, Krystal Katz, Jamaal Hines, Kevin Tates, Brittany Anderson, Jordan Daniel, Ashley Kay Evans..
    A couple fights for their lives when their new car unexpectedly breaks down on a deserted Detroit street.


Peaceful protest in massive (millions) outdoor crowds has been THE proven way in history to make a change in politics. That is what this documentary is telling AND showing us, with lots of examples in American history.

Lots of leading renewable energy opinion makers and activists are being interviewed about the necessity to start protesting against fossil fuel polluters NOW in order to guarantee that our children and grandchildren will still have a chance at a habitable world to live in, void of any fossil fuels, but entirely powered by sun, wind and other renewable energy sources.

This documentary oozes energy for getting into action ourselves. Forget about the politicians, they will never act, UNLESS they see millions of people protesting for other policies.

Once you have seen this documentary, you want to organize and do something yourself to make a positive change, in order to combat the dangers of global warming.

Although this movie was made to get MILLIONS of people worldwide together for 1 particular march in 2019, in the near future many similar marches will be planned, so this documentary is still worth while watching to get energized and organized.

Review by imseeg from the Internet Movie Database.