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Alpha Code

Alpha Code (2018) Movie Poster
Czech Republic / USA  •    •  97m  •    •  Directed by: Keoni Waxman.  •  Starring: Marek Vasut, Sabina Rojková, Vojtech Dyk..
No synopsis is available for this movie.


This film has a real budget and real talent behind it. It has devent actors. Actors I've seen in other things. The problem is the plot. There isn't one.

Let me explain. The production values of this film are great. It's filmed well. There are a couple of horror sequences that have interesting props, good lighting... it's got Denise Richards. She's one of those straight to DVD actors now. There's an action scene, which is good enough. The main actor seems to know what he's doing in an action scene. But then he doesn't do anything. The main character is completely passive, and the plot is empty because of that.

At the start of the movie he takes his daughter to a cabin where they can have some bonding time, and she gets abducted by aliens. Theoretically he spends the rest of the movie trying to track her down. But he really doesn't do anything. He meets Denise Richards, he decodes a way to communicate with the aliens, and then he summons aliens, but he doesn't really do anything even with that. He can just read the code because the aliens put it in his head. Then an alien turns up and explains the plot of the movie. A deus ex machina exposition device.

The alien tells them that their dughter is an alien hybrid, and Wolf and Denise Richards aren't the characters we've seen in the movie. They were actually married and just don't remember it because they asked the aliens to wipe their memories. It would have been nice if they had set up any of this. I don't want to tell professionals how they should do their jobs, but maybe have Wolf and Denise Richards start to have feelings for each other to foreshadow this, maybe have them work it out on their own so they actually do something in the movie, maybe make any of this matter to the plot, but no. Just have an alien turn up five minutes before the end of the movie and explain what happened in the movie, and also resolve the entire plot.

Review by habakukofice from the Internet Movie Database.