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Darkness Into Light

Darkness Into Light (2016) Movie Poster
UK  •    •    •  Directed by: David Fairman.  •  Starring: Andrew Lewis, Emily Lucienne, Lawrence Stubbings, Rikki Tarascas, Jon-Paul Gates, Alexander Hathaway, Andrew Harwood Mills, Robert Purdy, Dar Dash, Adrian Annis, Julian Boote, Alfred Camp, Jason Croot.  •  Music by: Paul Turner.
    An archaeologist investigating the Dead Sea caves at Qumran is flung into the adventure of a lifetime when a magical cup transports him back in time to Roman-occupied Palestine. Now he must solve a riddle, dodge Roman soldiers and demonic powers - eager to possess the cup - so he can save his daughter, in danger back in the present. But the archaeologist is not facing his quest alone; a small band of Jews are willing to help him, led by an inspiring, charismatic rabbi, called Jesus...


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