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Körper der Astronauten, Die

Körper der Astronauten, Die (2017) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  75m  •    •  Directed by: Alisa Berger.  •  Starring: Zita Aretz, Béla Gabor Lenz, Daniel Michel, Luzie Nadjafi, Lars Rudolph, Christian Skibinski, Britta Thie.  •  Music by: Ron Hofmann, Leonard Huhn, Christian Lorenzen.
     When his two mature children Anton (19) and Linda(19) start leaving the house after graduating from school, father Michael (55) stops taking care of his body as a protest. His son Anton takes part in a bed-rest-study to contribute to space-travelling, while his sister Linda is in search of her first love and is drawn to a young man, who seems to have similar problems like her father.


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