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Mutantes do Espaço

Mutantes do Espaço (2017) Movie Poster
Brazil  •    •  100m  •    •  Directed by: Carla Albuquerque.  •  Starring: Murilo Cezar, Raphael Gama, André Madrini, Carolina Marafiga, Marili Maria, Beto Ribeiro, Keila Taschini..
    Dr Pinofox, a wizard wolf, is determined: he'll take revenge on King Wolf, King of the great intergalactic kingdoms, the one who once was his friend, but proved a betrayer to marry the terrible Queen Genevieve. Dr Pinofox causes to the daughter's King of the Great Intergalactic Realms, Princess Persia, to fall asleep forever, ending the Wolf dynasty. Queen Genevieve is able to reverse the tragic end, using the magic of Felix Wizard, when she turns 25, the princess will be awake with a kiss from the prince of the Galaxies, uniting the greatest realms of the Universe. On the day that Prince Edward should arrive to kiss the princess, Dr Pinofox reappears and kidnaps the savior of the great kingdoms. The twenty-five years of Princess Persia arrived, and with them a surprise.


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