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Dark Matter: After Dark

Dark Matter: After Dark (2017) Movie Poster
USA / Canada  •    •  .  •  Starring: Roger Cross, Anthony Lemke..
No synopsis is available for this movie.


If you like "Dark Matter", you may enjoy "Dark Matter: After Dark", the talk-show that is shown after each of the episodes of season 3 of the show. Presented by the 'Android' and with a couple of the cast and a member of the sci-fi world press joining her, it is quite pointless but at the same time, entertaining enough.

In the short time each episode lasts (just 10 minutes), the show has time for a couple of behind-the-scenes moments, a short interview with members of the crew, and some (sometimes quite silly) talk between the four that are taking part in the episode. The look back on the episode and its events is quite short and light, and it covers just a couple of points (it would be better with more time to develop some of the ideas that are flown around), but even in the short time it lasts, it has time to talk about science or to look into ideas of destiny or redemption. It also gives the fans a chance to know more about the actors that make the show.

It is just for fans of the show, but the cast and their banter make for a quite enjoyable 10 minutes.

Review by tenshi_ippikiookami from the Internet Movie Database.