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Prioni (2017) Movie Poster
Finland  •    •  103m  •    •  Directed by: Jukka Nieminen.  •  Starring: Neea Laitinen, Miia Nurmi, Siri Saarilahti, Sampsa Salo, Johanna M. Salonen, Heidi Strid, Tuomo Virtanen.  •  Music by: Veli-Matti Rintala.
In a post-apocalyptic time, a group of people tries to preserve their humanity in an increasingly cramped and violent world.


Image from: Prioni (2017)
Image from: Prioni (2017)
This is an excellent little Indie flick, with elements of horror, thriller and post apocalyptic action peppered liberally with glimpses into the nastiness of the human psyche. If you have a decent grasp of the Finnish language, I recommend this film over most Finnish films in the last few years. The acting is mostly excellent, which is not bad going for a full amateur cast, and Jukka Nieminen has made the absolute most of his minuscule production budget.

Review by Loikkanen from the Internet Movie Database.