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Kamen Raidâ × Supâ Sentai Chô Supâ Hîrô Taisen

Kamen Raidâ × Supâ Sentai Chô Supâ Hîrô Taisen (2017) Movie Poster
Japan  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Osamu Kaneda.  •  Starring: Hiroki Iijima, Toshiki Seto, Ukyô Matsumoto, Ruka Matsuda, Hayato Onozuka, Shoma Kai, Hakata Hanamaru Daikichi, Ryôhei Odai, Takumi Kizu, Haruka Tateishi, Atsushi Maruyama, Gaku Matsumoto, Hiroya Matsumoto..
    The Game World launches an attack on the Real World. In front of Kamen Raidâ Eguzeido and Uchû Sentai Kyurenjâ appears the ''Arena of Death'' where the destruction of the Earth will be decided.


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With super NONSENSE story, no characters chemistry, and can't decide who's gonna be the lead. This crossover movie is definity GOOD (for young kids who minds nothing) but 2nd-WORST (for general audience) installment of Rider x Sentai movies. (As much as it worse, but still better than Taisen Z) Great decision from producers for stop continuing this series.

Review by SLEEPMAN2001 from the Internet Movie Database.