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Unit Eleven

Unit Eleven (2017) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  118m  •    •  Directed by: Theo Cane Garvey.  •  Starring: Ieuan Parry, Paul Barlow, Greg Oldfield, Marcus Matic Smith, Ricky Mr. Flo Malick, Darren Eclair, Jason King, Stephen Wright, Mark Stacey, Drew Waine, Matthew Bowski Sharpe, Michael Burgin, Francis Aaron.  •  Music by: Cal Williams.
In the year 2035, survivors of a now almost completely evacuated post-apocalyptic Britain compete for a government bounty to retrieve a mysterious bio weapon known only as Unit Eleven...


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Obviously the cast and their friends must have given the ratings. It is a shocking film. Production values are nil, acting and scripts are non existent and camera work is another level of poor. Can't believe I paid £3.49 on prime for this, it was purely due to the stars.

Review by hywel-29295 from the Internet Movie Database.