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Aliens for Breakfast

Aliens for Breakfast (1994) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •    •  Directed by: John T. Kretchmer.  •  Starring: Sinbad, Jarrett Lennon, Alfre Woodard, Zachary Bostrom, Teri Garr, Ben Savage..
    A boy finds a miniature live alien in his breakfast cereal. They team up to save the world from another alien named Dorf, who is pretending to be a popular kid at school.


Image from: Aliens for Breakfast (1994)
I only saw this movie once, back in 1995. However, I remember how I always liked the book when I was a kid, and this was just as good. A boy found an alien in his cereal box, who advised him to stay away from a new kid at school. The new kid at school (Dorf) was also an alien, and the most popular kid in school. However, Dorf was a bad guy, and it was up to Henry to save the world! I hope someday they air this movie again, as I'd really like to see it again. If it is aired again, I'd recommend it for you, if you like adventures!

Review by meloda from the Internet Movie Database.