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Friend of the World

Friend of the World (2018) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  50m  •    •  Directed by: Brian Patrick Butler.  •  Starring: Nick Young, Alexandra Slade, Michael C. Burgess, Kathryn Schott, Luke Anthony Pensabene, Kevin Smith, Michael Butler, Scott Schramp, Shay Tyler, Elena Butler, Emily Chan, Eric Codina, Judy Codina..
    After a catastrophic war, an eccentric general guides a filmmaker through a ravaged bunker.


What kind of film would you get if David Lynch made Night of the Living Dead? We may never know, but "Friend of The World" comes the closest. Shot entirely in black and white, this isn't your typical post apocalyptic zombie thriller. Its strange stylish 1960's vibe, along with edgy performances, twists, turns, and effective special effects propel this film beyond the same old same old of the end of the world zombie genre. "A Friend of the World" will make you think and question reality, as it takes you on a wild and trippy ride. Just go with it and enjoy the journey. It's definitely worth your time and not to be missed.

Review by randavids from the Internet Movie Database.