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Futur Antérieur

Futur Antérieur (2016) Movie Poster
France  •    •  81m  •    •  Directed by: Franck Llopis.  •  Starring: Chris Imberdis, Louise De Fleury, Camille Lindskog, Florent Nemmouchi, Mathieu Duhaze, Berouke Tesfaye, Sonia Mistri, Christelle Gervaise, Mikaël Goncalves, Michel Tazartès.  •  Music by: Christophe Allemand.
     Paris in the near future, Wilfried Max, manager of a large advertising agency, purchases a smartphone application to travel 8 days into the future.


As Anonymous wrote: " Paris, in the near future, Wilfried Max, director of a major advertising agency, acquires a smartphone app that allows you to travel in the past and in the future over 8 days". It's called "time jump"Xsmart huh? As for the near futureXa little piece of information is given to the viewerXbut you must be watchful to notice it: on a white board which depicts the shooting of a movie, you can notice "June 2030" ; so you have to wait ten years to buy this extraordinary gadgetXhaven't you?

Although marred by an amateurish playingXa not very credible principal (too old and not handsome enough for a man who is supposed to attract young women and to have a daughter who could easily be his granddaughter)Xand an overabundance of pointless characters, the beginning of the film is interesting.

As depicted by the hero, you can see your recent past in some kind of living hologram in which you can live your memories again :an evening with a philanderer and his latest loverXhis wife's birthday ; but this heart-throb who gave him the tip of the "time jump" tells him he has never "travelled" in the future yet for he is afraid (of what fates has in store for himXprobably).

However, Wilfried takes the plunge : roll up for the future! But what he discovers is frightening indeed : he is beaten up to death on the banks of the Seine riverXnot a cheerful prospect.He becomes paranoiacXas the fateful day is drawing near.

Unfortunately the denouementXwhich I will not reveal, is downright disappointingXgiven the good idea of this "time jump".Sci-fi movies are very rare in FranceXand this oneXin spite of a shoestring budgetXcould have been an estimable attempt.

Review by ulicknormanowen from the Internet Movie Database.


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