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Origins IV: Revelations

Origins IV: Revelations (2016) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  120m  •  Directed by: Kyle Parish.  •  Starring: Megan Nolan, Andrew Bacon, Stephanie Grant, Matthew Schliesmann, Daniel Popma, Joseph Laxton, Tyler Gordanier, Amanda Fraser..
    Two young Jedi, Kor and Jadden, search for answers to a powerful new disturbance in the force that is threatening their home world of Tython. With a prophecy from the mysterious Seer, Kor and Jadden must defy their masters wishes and seek out the Guardians, for only with them do they stand a chance of unraveling the truth behind this disturbance. They must face their greatest fears, doubts and death as they travel to the darkest reaches of the galaxy to save their home....


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