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CTRL (2017) Movie Poster
UK  •    •  80m  •    •  Directed by: Harry Lindley.  •  Starring: Hainsley Lloyd Bennett, Julian Mack, Saabeah Theos, Mia Foo, Jude Mack, Bernard O'Sullivan..
    Lex and her boyfriend Dru visit her reclusive brother Leo's top-floor apartment in the heart of London. The young couple discover Leo has created a digital virus intent on gaining absolute knowledge, which is evolving at an alarming rate. The already uncomfortable family reunion turns nasty when the virus traps the trio, and begins to spy on them using disturbing 'biological' drones. Despite outsider Dru's growing resentment towards the siblings' close bond, the three must stay united to have any chance of overcoming Leo's godlike creation.


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There is no story line, or if there is it is impossible to follow. Horrible acting and, well basically this movie just plain sucked. 20 minutes in and I just couldn't watch anymore.

Review by ellieka from the Internet Movie Database.