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Hurok (2016) Movie Poster
Hungary  •    •  95m  •    •  Directed by: Isti Madarász.  •  Starring: Dénes Száraz, Dorina Martinovics, Zsolt Anger, Géza Hegedüs D., Zsuzsa Málnai, György Honti, János Timkó, András Réthelyi, Zsolt Dér, Ferenc Elek, Péter Lengyel, Kati Andresz, Kálmán Somody.  •  Music by: Adrian Foulkes, Lucio Godoy.
     A drug dealer and his girlfriend betray their boss on their last mission, and the lead gets stuck in a timeloop.


Image from: Hurok (2016)
"Hurok" was almost closer to a video game than a feature film. The characters and situations were disagreeable, and the conceit of the film became routine and tired. It was not merely the characters who were on an endless time loop; the audience got stuck in the revolving door as well.

While Anna was likable primarily because she was carrying the baby, Adam was a lout and a loser. In the film's endless repetition of the same scene, there were some good locations and camera angles. But the logic of the situations made no sense, especially when Adam was confronting his "twin."

One of the best scenes in the film was the opening when Adam shows compassion for a beggar and gives him a large hunk of bread on the tram. The filmmakers sought a kind of symmetry by repeating the scene at the very end. But, like so much in this film, it made no sense when Adam was sitting alongside Anna on the tram.

There was an effective villain in the imposing figure of Dezso, but it was not enough to sustain interest. In other films of this ilk, such as "Run, Lola, Run," it was easy to follow a sympathetic character's race against the clock. In the case of "Hurok," it was all a matter of style over substance.

Review by lavatch from the Internet Movie Database.