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Anhedonia - Narzissmus als Narkose

Anhedonia - Narzissmus als Narkose (2016) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  79m  •    •  Directed by: Patrick Siegfried Zimmer, Robert Stadlober.  •  Starring: Robert Stadlober, Wieland Schönfelder, Blixa Bargeld, Paula Kalenberg, Matthias Scheuring, Dirk von Lowtzow, Flo Fernandez, Paul Pötsch, Klaus Maeck.  •  Music by: Patrick Siegfried Zimmer.
     It's the year 2020. Every day billions of people are victims of the digital, medial, narcissistic, hedonistic, careeristic and consumerist overstimulation and suggestion by the establishment. In a manner that remains unexplained to this day, hundreds of millions of citizens of the first world abruptly and epidemically fall ill with Anhedonia, an inability to feel pleasure and satisfaction. Two exemplary victims of these unspeakable circumstances are the dissimilar, but nevertheless inseparable, aristocrats' sons Franz and Fritz Freudenthal. Wholly bereft of meaning and tormented by their miserable, dull and joyless existence, they slowly waste away; until they become aware of the new and unique lust-stimulus therapy by the world-renowned and very trendy Prof. Dr. Immanuel Young, seeing in it the solution to all their problems.


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