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Oxalis (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •    •  Directed by: Brian Gottlieb.  •  Starring: Andrew W. Walker, Kelly Pendygraft, Rosemary Howard, Derek Wilson, Jacqueline Antaramian, Olivia Burgess, Olga Silina, Julian West, Durrel KeiLyn Jones..
    A couple returns home one night to find their son brutally murdered. Afterwards, the father spirals into a deep depression, and opts to impregnate his wife with their son's DNA, but everything is not the way it seems.


This movie is actually titled Bonded In Blood but has had the name changed to a ridiculous and pretentious Oxalis which just about sums up this pretentious and actually just plain stupid (in almost every way) attempt at making a film.

I am not going to waste long on this one as I very rarely give a movie 1 star which means in IMDB terms it is one of the worst you have ever watched and it rates alongside the Bad Batch and others in my "worst ever wish I had not watched this" list.

Whenever you see both writer and director in the same name you know the chances of it being a Spielberg are 100 to one and this is no exception.

We have a completely nonsensical story, every character is awful and you have almost zero character development, poor acting and completely ridiculous and unfathomable plot; if it actually has any at all. The movie is pointless, boring and utterly stupid.

Let me digress - Usually I can ignore small technical details but when a movie is this bad you start to see all the mistakes - for instance we have a deaf guy who can apparently understand everything that is said to him even when people are not talking to his face so he can lipread them, another obligatory homosexual sex scene thrown in for no apparent reason which seems to be the formula these days in movies; if its not a bit of homo-erotica, its third wave feminist propaganda or metoo nonsense or how about of Blm propaganda which for me personally I am becoming sick an tired of having pushed at me in every movie but thankfully we are spared the latter two.

How the director ever thought he could pass off the ridiculous idea that a mother would want to comfort and help the murderer of her son and nanny in a completely random act not even part of a robbery is beyond me and a story that is so mind numbingly boring, badly directed, disastrously filmed and bored me so much that i started to fast forward through parts (which I almost never do no matter how bad the film is).

In short if you watch this tragedy-burger of a movie you will lose and hour and a half of your life you will never get back - This director should never be allowed to direct another movie - ever!!!

Review by omendata from the Internet Movie Database.