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Control, The

Control, The (2018) Movie Poster
Canada  •    •  94m  •    •  Directed by: Eric Schiller, Michael Stasko.  •  Starring: Sharon Belle, Jeff Sinasac, Michael Stasko, Paul Daniel Ayotte, Kristen Calibaba, Shaun Mazzocca, Krista Jang, Eric Schiller, Elliot Hale, Ted Bezaire, Tonya Dodds, Kurtis Sasso, Matt Maenpaa.  •  Music by: Eric Schiller, Michael Stasko.
To send humanity to a distant galaxy, the mysterious CEO of The Fuller Corporation must develop a cutting-edge computer-brain interface to keep his hibernating colonizers safe and sane for a journey of unknown length. Mike, a brilliant, single-minded programmer, and Eric, an unorthodox neurochemist, take on the challenge, eager to make their mark on human history. But as Mike and Eric collaborate on the most sophisticated and engrossing virtual reality system ever conceived, their ambitions clash and they find themselves working on different approaches to the same program.


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In order to keep space travelers safe and sane on long trips across the stars, a cutting-edge computer-brain interface must be created. Mike, the programmer, and Eric, a neurochemist, begin to work on the most sophisticated virtual reality system ever conceived.

However, they begin to argue about how to create that program and Mike's muse gets trapped inside the program. Now, he must go through multiple infinite worlds to find her, places where reality does not always work. Can he bring reality back and save his world?

Made in Windsor, Ontario by Michael Stasko and Eric Schiller, who wrote, directed, produced and starred in this film, this is a meditation on the effects of manipulating reality. It's definitely not a movie you can watch as background noise and must be paid attention to.

The budget is low while the concept is high. While it has a slow start, once those big ideas kick in, you'll forgive its inexpensive origins and savor the big thinking. Or you'll think it's completely ridiculous claptrap. I belong to the former camp, but as I've known of films, your mileage may vary.

Review by BandSAboutMovies from the Internet Movie Database.