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Caller ID: Entity

Caller ID: Entity (2017) Movie Poster
USA  •    •  98m  •    •  Directed by: Eric Zimmerman.  •  Starring: James Duval, Nathan Bexton, Denny Kirkwood, Roxy Saint, Peter Greene, Triton King, Douchan Gersi, John Cho, Carrie Hayes, Will De Los Santos, Elissa Dowling, Jennifer Field, Anne Girard..
    A sci-fi conspiracy thriller, based on real phone messages and testimonials from victims of mind control technology.


Some college kids enter into a program to get their masters in psychopathology. They work in an experimental project where they can use electric devices and certain frequencies to read minds. PLOT SPOILER: they are the guinea pigs and are manipulated into multiple personalities to be used in the future as some sort of Manchurian Candidate.

Could have been better if they hadn't messed around leading up to the conclusion. Rather go there quickly and then create an interesting tale. As if was they created a confused mess and John Cho wasn't in it as much as I wanted, nor did he have a decent role.

Review by nogodnomasters from the Internet Movie Database.