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Occasional Hell, An

Occasional Hell, An (2015) Movie Poster
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USA  •    •  58m  •  Directed by: Sean Klisiewecz.  •  Starring: Travis Klisiewecz, Chris Klisiewecz, Kayleigh Klisiewecz, Keiko Klisiewecz, Gaius Klisiewecz, Rani Klisiewecz, Rob Herbst, Aviane Herbst, Wolfie Herbst, Shannon Brown, Ben Williams, Michelle Portch, Bradley Barbour.  •  Music by: Ross Bugden.
    Five years after the Vanguard nuclear and kinetic defense satellites were activated in a futile attempt to counter an alien invasion, Dimitri wanders a devastated landscape, ever vigilant against attacks by the ungodly Necromachers or their terrifying alien masters- the Big Bloom. He finds himself rescued by the remnants of the Amercan government who hope to unlock a vast power buried within humanity eons ago by the mysterious Ultralumunus. With the aid of the enigmatic Technomalachii, creatures more than robot but less than human, his old squad mate Todtmacher, the President of the United States and his top General, as well as the sultry and seductive Specialist Tomyris, Dimitri will attempt the impossible; to destroy an impregnable Big Bloom Megafortress and turn the tide of war.


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