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Dangerous Theories

Dangerous Theories (2015) Movie Poster
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Canada  •    •  60m  •  Directed by: John Varszegi.  •  Starring: Nick Bingham, Eric Chisholm, Saverio Colantonio, Mitch Duch, James Goodman, Meng Hong, Joshua Kalef, Katalina Kovecses, Tamas Kövecses, Matthew Mathiason, Jan Molnar, Randy Parker, Samantha Rubin.  •  Music by: Meng Hong, Digital Orchestra Studio.
    Scientists at the Saanich Observatory (Vancouver Island, Canada) discover that time travel is possible from higher dimensions. On proving it, they can get in contact with aliens from another Galaxy. Before announcing this unusual encounter, government and secret agencies try to stop them and eliminate their research. After the observatory is burned down by mysterious people, the scientists have to run for their life. When it seems that everything is lost, something extraordinary happens that could change the future of humanity.


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