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Space 1889: The Secret of Phobos

Space 1889: The Secret of Phobos (2016) Movie Poster
Germany  •    •  152m  •    •  Directed by: Nicolas Mendrek.  •  Starring: Anselme Champollion, Jarod De Maertelaere, Chris Fano, Hagen Grützmacher, Timo Hagemann, Jörg Haselmeyer, Armin Herbertz, Marco Klammer, Hannes Lechner, Frank Röhr, Mháire Stritter, Bastian Sue, Stefan Tannert..
    In Space 1889, mankind has discovered how to travel the mysterious ether - and conquered the jungle planet of Venus and the dwindling empire of the Martians. In this world the young adventurer Will Armstrong becomes the center of a solar system wide plot that could destroy all of mankind.


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